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American Methodist Missionary Mr. William Tailor came to Pune on 14th September 1872. But Methodist Church was started in the house of Mr. Anglow Desuza on the golden day of 28th September 1872. The dedication of the old building of the church was done by Rev. John Blackstone on 19th June 1886. The new Oldham Memorial Church was dedicated on 27th June 1971. The present Building is furnished by glass images fitted on the windows. It attracts the worshiper. The Window grills in the church tell about the works of the Saints. Cross on the Pulpit, the Alfa & Omega on its table, Greek Cross on the wall opposite to the pulpit and 7-light ‘Jhumber’ are the things to be watched in this church.


Most Hindus converted their religion from hinduism to Marathi Christians, as a result of Christian missions such as the American Marathi Mission, Church Mission Society, and the Church of England’s SPG Mission.19th century around the turn of this era, British Baptist missionary William Carey was instrumental in translating the Bible into the Marathi language.Even literate Hindu converts from high castes,who themselves often served as religious instructors to others.

At many places several high class Hindus also converted to Christianity, such as In 1842 Ramkrishna Modak, a Chitpavan Brahman and ancestor of Marathi actor Shahu Modak and became Rev. Modak, and Narayan Waman Tilak, also one Muslim, Shaikh dadud.Although today the Ahmednagar district has a fairly large number of Christians, these people are identified as Indians at the primary and Christians as secondary. Addressing the aggressive American Marathi Mission, Tilak said “Pack up your belongings and be gone, if you do not love this sacred land of Hindus.”


Address : Methodist Marathi Church, Opp. Hotel Grand Darbar, East Street, Pune-1.

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